English things -- skip

I'll use english in this post.
Yaaa i know this is a rare event, even in this world (?) But i don't know exactly why i sometimes really wanted using English and sometimes i'm really avoiding it. The first thing that i know that my ability to talk with English is bad (too bad for the alumnus of international based class maybe). The second i have no confidence for using it. But the third, this language always can express my weird or awkward or odd or strange or queer or peculiar or clumsy feelings. I usually talking in English when i felt not right or confused about some unsure things. Errr my last sentence is too bewildering -- skip. Based what i said just now, does it mean that i'm unsure on something or having an awkward feeling now?

For telling you the truth, it's ......... true

*Sorry the pict isn't related to the post haha and it isn't my drawing either

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